Woop Woop! Here's Your Free Salsa Videos
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Please note: if you don't have someone to practice with just go through the motions as if you were dancing with a partner. This is how most new dancers practice.
Video 1: The Count of Salsa
Understanding the timing of Salsa music
Video 2: The Basic Salsa Steps (Overview)
Watch this overview first. We will break down the steps in videos below
Video 3: Breakdown of the Basic Steps
Learn  how to dance the 4 core steps in Salsa
Video 4: The Hold
How to hold and connect with your partner
Video 5: Leading & Following Principles
Learn how the lead and follow works in Salsa.
Video 6: How To Lead The Steps
Learn how to lead the lady into the core 4 Salsa steps
Wasn't that great, want more?
I hope you found these instructional videos useful.

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